Go Away Missing Elements! “Collaboration for Revit”

The Collaboration for Revit cloud service connects Revit project teams so that they can work better together on shared models. Multiple users can co-author Revit models working together on a model stored within a project in the cloud.

Communicator chat tool helps with project team members communicate while working within Revit project models in real-time. Sharing screenshots to add more clarity to the discussion.

BIM 360 Team integration provides centralized access to Revit models and project data to all team members via a cloud-based platform. You can add markups in BIM 360 Team to communicate design changes that should be made to the Revit model. From here you can manage models and users in a BIM 360 Team project from within Revit.

But what happens when things go haywire? Ever seen the dreaded “missing elements” error?

Here is a article on Autodesk’s knowledge library to help fix it after the fact. LINK

But how about just avoiding it in the first place? One suggestion from Autodesk is to “always” use the “audit” check box when opening C4R models. I know, I know, this will slow down the process but I would rather do this then play with journals files, wouldn’t you?

Recently Autodesk released 2017.2.2 and 2018.1.1 for Revit. Now supposedly this is going to fix these issues going forward. I think I might still use the “audit” until I hear otherwise…

Remember, your entire team needs to be on the same patch for this to work correctly…

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Some great quotes from Jesse Ramiez article…

“We are not experiencing the “rise of the robots.” We are experiencing the rise of research, development, and investment in robots. Robots aren’t deciding that they should be used to replace workers, people are. There is nothing automatic about automation.”

“The question “how many jobs will robots take?” is a false one. Robots will not take jobs, certain people will give them jobs because they believe that the benefits of automation outweigh the costs.”

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BLD124098 – Technology Disruption: Now What??

Technology is moving at a fast pace these days—and with it comes technology disruptions. We’ll look at what has happened in the past and what is happening today and see how your firm can come up with a strategy moving forward. Some items to start thinking about: How has your firm been dealing with these disruptions? What lessons has your firm learned? Where is your firm in the “bell curve” of adoption? Are you and your staff being proactive? Are you walking and talking “return on investment” on your processes? Asking these questions and more, we’ll start looking at how to connect strategies together so your firm adopts and progresses with technology, staff, and workflows. After this presentation, you will take the first of many steps in what I call the Constant Cycle of Improvement.

Understand processes and workflows of the 3 legs of improvement

Learn how you and your firm can adopt technology the right way

Learn how to get off the merry-go-round of “it’s all about the technology”

Learn how to talk to management and owners about ROI

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